Staying in Touch

I talk to Sekhmet daily.  I talk to Her several times a day even.  I often ask for Her help, sing Her praises, or desperately entreat Her help for a loved one or friend who needs healing.  The thing is, She doesn’t always talk back.  She often doesn’t talk back.  How do I know She is listening?  Is it possible that She may not be?

These are things I ponder when I read of some folk’s interactions with Netjer.  I wonder at those who have a best friends kind of relationship with the Divine.  What are they doing that I am not?  Am I listening hard enough for my Mother?  Maybe She doesn’t have an opinion about the things I eat and do on a daily basis.  Perhaps the things on TV don’t interest Her.  I am not sure.

The thing I do know is that Sekhmet does listen to me.  When She has something to say, She says it in Her own way and time.  It may not be immediately obvious, but if it is something I need to know, need to see, eventually it will be revealed.  And when I am actively listening, at the right time, and in the right space, I will hear that voice in my head that I know is not me.