About Sat Nebet Senedju

My name is Kari, also known as Darytessekhmet.  I am a W’ab priest in the House of Netjer.  I have felt the Unseen World all around me since I was a little girl and experienced things unexplainable by conventional thinking.

First and foremost I am a daughter of my Mother Sekhmet, a healer, and a mother.  My two boys (who are rootnamed in my faith, Kemetic Orthodoxy) bring me the greatest joy in my life.  Professionally I am a Registered Nurse in the specialty of Neonatal Intensive Care and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

I am on a healing journey and hope to bring more of my Mother’s powers into our lives.  May we all be blessed by the Nebet Senedju (Mistress of Dread) and feel Her love all our days.


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