Lady of Red Linen

Sekhmet-Hethert is my Mother, and the great Lady of Healing.  This is my first blog entry dedicated to her in all her various guises.  My focus for now is on her power to heal and renew the people.  I am by no means an expert on Sekhmet.  This is a learning and growth phase for me, a time of building.  Ptah, God of the Year in Kemetic Orthodoxy, is Sekhmet’s husband.  I think it is a fitting time to explore and learn about the Mennefer Triad (Sekhmet, Ptah, and Nefertem).  I have heard that this year will be a good one, and I look forward to seeing what will become.
Red is my Mother’s color.  It is the color of blood.  Red symbolizes power, strength and life.  It also symbolizes death, as in the loss of blood.  Red is the color of the deshret, the Red Land, the desert that surrounded Kemet, the Black Land.  The rising and setting sun appear to be red.  As the Eye of Ra, Sekhmet emerges victorious over her foes, her dress stained red with their blood.  Life, victory, anger and fire… my Mother has it all.
Sekhmet is the Lady of Terror, and also the Lady of Life.  Priests of Sekhmet were physicians and healers.  Magic, medicine, and prayers were interwoven.  We know so much more today about medicine and healing than did the ancients.  But there is still that spiritual component to medicine, the belief and the hope of healing, that helps us get through the times when we are desperate and scared.  It is my duty as daughter of Sekhmet to help and to heal wherever I can.  Three of Sekhmet’s children were given a gift this year.  We were given healing power to help our people.  I pray that I can use this gift in the best manner possible to aid my brothers and sisters in the faith.  I am here if you need me.  I am here to listen and help if I can.  May Netjer guide and bless us all.  Dua Sekhmet!


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